Jeremiah 49:22

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  22 H2009 הנה Behold, H5404 כנשׁר as the eagle, H5927 יעלה he shall come up H1675 וידאה and fly H6566 ויפרשׂ and spread H3671 כנפיו his wings H5921 על over H1224 בצרה Bozrah: H1961 והיה be H3820 לב shall the heart H1368 גבורי of the mighty men H123 אדום of Edom H3117 ביום day H1931 ההוא and at that H3820 כלב as the heart H802 אשׁה of a woman H6887 מצרה׃ in her pangs.