Jeremiah 49:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H3588 כי For H3541 כה thus H559 אמר saith H3068 יהוה the LORD; H2009 הנה Behold, H834 אשׁר they whose H369 אין not H4941 משׁפטם judgment H8354 לשׁתות to drink H3563 הכוס of the cup H8354 שׁתו have assuredly drunken; H8354 ישׁתו have assuredly drunken; H859 ואתה and thou H1931 הוא he H5352 נקה shall altogether go unpunished? H5352 תנקה shall altogether go unpunished? H3808 לא thou shalt not H5352 תנקה go unpunished, H3588 כי but H8354 שׁתה thou shalt surely drink H8354 תשׁתה׃ thou shalt surely drink