Jeremiah 48:11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H7599 שׁאנן hath been at ease H4124 מואב Moab H5271 מנעוריו from his youth, H8252 ושׁקט hath settled H1931 הוא and he H413 אל on H8105 שׁמריו his lees, H3808 ולא and hath not H7324 הורק been emptied H3627 מכלי from vessel H413 אל to H3627 כלי vessel, H1473 ובגולה into captivity: H3808 לא neither H1980 הלך hath he gone H5921 על therefore H3651 כן therefore H5975 עמד remained H2940 טעמו his taste H7381 בו וריחו in him, and his scent H3808 לא is not H4171 נמר׃ changed.