Jeremiah 46:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H1571 גם Also H7916 שׂכריה her hired men H7130 בקרבה in the midst H5695 כעגלי bullocks; H4770 מרבק of her like fatted H3588 כי for H1571 גם also H1992 המה they H6437 הפנו are turned back, H5127 נסו are fled away H3162 יחדיו together: H3808 לא they did not H5975 עמדו stand, H3588 כי because H3117 יום the day H343 אידם of their calamity H935 בא was come H5921 עליהם upon H6256 עת them, the time H6486 פקדתם׃ of their visitation.