Jeremiah 44:23

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  23 H6440 מפני   H834 אשׁר and because H6999 קטרתם ye have burned incense, H834 ואשׁר   H2398 חטאתם ye have sinned H3069 ליהוה   H3808 ולא and have not H8085 שׁמעתם obeyed H6963 בקול the voice H3069 יהוה   H8451 ובתרתו in his law, H2708 ובחקתיו nor in his statutes, H5715 ובעדותיו nor in his testimonies; H3808 לא nor H1980 הלכתם walked H5921 על therefore H3651 כן therefore H7122 קראת is happened unto H853 אתכם   H7451 הרעה evil H2063 הזאת this H3117 כיום day. H2088 הזה׃ you, as at this