Jeremiah 37:21

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  21 H6680 ויצוה commanded H4428 המלך the king H6667 צדקיהו Then Zedekiah H6485 ויפקדו that they should commit H853 את   H3414 ירמיהו Jeremiah H2691 בחצר into the court H4307 המטרה of the prison, H5414 ונתן and that they should give H3603 לו ככר a piece H3899 לחם of bread H3117 ליום him daily H2351 מחוץ street, H644 האפים out of the bakers' H5704 עד until H8552 תם were spent. H3605 כל all H3899 הלחם the bread H4480 מן street, H5892 העיר the city H3427 וישׁב remained H3414 ירמיהו Thus Jeremiah H2691 בחצר in the court H4307 המטרה׃ of the prison.