Jeremiah 14:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H117 ואדריהם And their nobles H7971 שׁלחו have sent H6810 צעוריהם their little ones H4325 למים to the waters: H935 באו they came H5921 על to H1356 גבים the pits, H3808 לא no H4672 מצאו found H4325 מים water; H7725 שׁבו they returned H3627 כליהם with their vessels H7387 ריקם empty; H954 בשׁו they were ashamed H3637 והכלמו and confounded, H2645 וחפו and covered H7218 ראשׁם׃ their heads.