Jeremiah 13:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H1980 ואלך Then I went H6578 פרתה to Euphrates, H2658 ואחפר and digged, H3947 ואקח and took H853 את   H232 האזור the girdle H4480 מן from H4725 המקום the place H834 אשׁר where H2934 טמנתיו I had hid H8033 שׁמה where H2009 והנה it: and, behold, H7843 נשׁחת was marred, H232 האזור the girdle H3808 לא for nothing. H6743 יצלח it was profitable H3605 לכל׃ for nothing.