Jeremiah 12:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H6662 צדיק Righteous H859 אתה thou, H3068 יהוה O LORD, H3588 כי when H7378 אריב I plead H413 אליך with H389 אך thee: yet H4941 משׁפטים thee of judgments: H1696 אדבר let me talk H854 אותך with H4069 מדוע Wherefore H1870 דרך doth the way H7563 רשׁעים of the wicked H6743 צלחה prosper? H7951 שׁלו they happy H3605 כל are all H899 בגדי that deal very treacherously? H898 בגד׃ that deal very treacherously?