Jeremiah 11:19

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  19 H589 ואני But I H3532 ככבשׂ like a lamb H441 אלוף an ox H2986 יובל is brought H2873 לטבוח to the slaughter; H3808 ולא not H3045 ידעתי and I knew H3588 כי that H5921 עלי against H2803 חשׁבו they had devised H4284 מחשׁבות devices H7843 נשׁחיתה me, Let us destroy H6086 עץ the tree H3899 בלחמו with the fruit H3772 ונכרתנו thereof, and let us cut him off H776 מארץ from the land H2416 חיים of the living, H8034 ושׁמו that his name H3808 לא may be no H2142 יזכר remembered. H5750 עוד׃ more