Jeremiah 10:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H8560 כתמר as the palm tree, H4749 מקשׁה upright H1992 המה They H3808 ולא not: H1696 ידברו but speak H5375 נשׂוא they must needs be borne, H5375 ינשׂוא they must needs be borne, H3588 כי because H3808 לא they cannot H6805 יצעדו go. H408 אל Be not H3372 תיראו afraid H1992 מהם   H3588 כי them; for H3808 לא they cannot H7489 ירעו do evil, H1571 וגם also H3190 היטיב them to do good. H369 אין neither H854 אותם׃ in