Isaiah 6:10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H8080 השׁמן   H3820 לב Make the heart H5971 העם people H2088 הזה of this H241 ואזניו and make their ears H3513 הכבד heavy, H5869 ועיניו their eyes; H8173 השׁע and shut H6435 פן lest H7200 יראה they see H5869 בעיניו with their eyes, H241 ובאזניו with their ears, H8085 ישׁמע and hear H3824 ולבבו with their heart, H995 יבין and understand H7725 ושׁב and convert, H7495 ורפא׃ and be healed.