Isaiah 66:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H4310 מי Who H8085 שׁמע hath heard H2063 כזאת such a thing? H4310 מי who H7200 ראה hath seen H428 כאלה such things? H2342 היוחל be made to bring forth H776 ארץ Shall the earth H3117 ביום day? H259 אחד in one H518 אם   H3205 יולד be born H1471 גוי shall a nation H6471 פעם at once? H259 אחת at once? H3588 כי for H2342 חלה travailed, H1571 גם as soon H3205 ילדה she brought forth H6726 ציון as Zion H853 את   H1121 בניה׃ her children.