Isaiah 59:5-7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H1000 ביצי eggs, H6848 צפעוני cockatrice' H1234 בקעו They hatch H6980 וקורי web: H5908 עכבישׁ the spider's H707 יארגו and weave H398 האכל he that eateth H1000 מביציהם of their eggs H4191 ימות dieth, H2116 והזורה and that which is crushed H1234 תבקע breaketh out H660 אפעה׃ into a viper.
  6 H6980 קוריהם Their webs H3808 לא shall not H1961 יהיו become H899 לבגד garments, H3808 ולא neither H3680 יתכסו shall they cover themselves H4639 במעשׂיהם with their works: H4639 מעשׂיהם their works H4639 מעשׂי works H205 און of iniquity, H6467 ופעל and the act H2555 חמס of violence H3709 בכפיהם׃ in their hands.
  7 H7272 רגליהם Their feet H7451 לרע to evil, H7323 ירצו run H4116 וימהרו and they make haste H8210 לשׁפך to shed H1818 דם blood: H5355 נקי innocent H4284 מחשׁבותיהם their thoughts H4284 מחשׁבות thoughts H205 און of iniquity; H7701 שׁד wasting H7667 ושׁבר and destruction H4546 במסלותם׃ in their paths.