Isaiah 58:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H2088 הכזה it such H1961 יהיה Is H6685 צום a fast H977 אבחרהו that I have chosen? H3117 יום a day H6031 ענות to afflict H120 אדם for a man H5315 נפשׁו his soul? H3721 הלכף to bow down H100 כאגמן as a bulrush, H7218 ראשׁו his head H8242 ושׂק sackcloth H665 ואפר and ashes H3331 יציע and to spread H2088 הלזה this H7121 תקרא wilt thou call H6685 צום a fast, H3117 ויום day H7522 רצון and an acceptable H3068 ליהוה׃ to the LORD?