Isaiah 57:16-18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H3588 כי For H3808 לא I will not H5769 לעולם forever, H7378 אריב contend H3808 ולא neither H5331 לנצח   H7107 אקצוף   H3588 כי for H7307 רוח the spirit H6440 מלפני before H5848 יעטוף should fail H5397 ונשׁמות me, and the souls H589 אני I H6213 עשׂיתי׃ have made.
  17 H5771 בעון For the iniquity H1215 בצעו of his covetousness H7107 קצפתי was I wroth, H5221 ואכהו and smote H5641 הסתר him: I hid H7107 ואקצף me, and was wroth, H1980 וילך and he went H7726 שׁובב on frowardly H1870 בדרך in the way H3820 לבו׃ of his heart.
  18 H1870 דרכיו his ways, H7200 ראיתי I have seen H7495 וארפאהו and will heal H5148 ואנחהו him: I will lead H7999 ואשׁלם him also, and restore H5150 נחמים comforts H57 לו ולאבליו׃ unto him and to his mourners.