Isaiah 56:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H935 והביאותים Even them will I bring H413 אל to H2022 הר mountain, H6944 קדשׁי my holy H8055 ושׂמחתים and make them joyful H1004 בבית in my house H8605 תפלתי of prayer: H5930 עולתיהם their burnt offerings H2077 וזבחיהם and their sacrifices H7522 לרצון accepted H5921 על upon H4196 מזבחי mine altar; H3588 כי for H1004 ביתי mine house H1004 בית a house H8605 תפלה of prayer H7121 יקרא shall be called H3605 לכל for all H5971 העמים׃ people.