Isaiah 49:18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  18 H5375 שׂאי Lift up H5439 סביב round about, H5869 עיניך thine eyes H7200 וראי and behold: H3605 כלם all H6908 נקבצו these gather themselves together, H935 באו come H2416 לך חי live, H589 אני to thee. I H5002 נאם saith H3068 יהוה the LORD, H3588 כי thou shalt surely H3605 כלם thee with them all, H5716 כעדי as with an ornament, H3847 תלבשׁי clothe H7194 ותקשׁרים and bind H3618 ככלה׃ them as a bride