Isaiah 46:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H5375 ישׂאהו They bear H5921 על him upon H3802 כתף the shoulder, H5445 יסבלהו they carry H3240 ויניחהו   H8478 תחתיו him in his place, H5975 ויעמד and he standeth; H4725 ממקומו from his place H3808 לא shall he not H4185 ימישׁ remove: H637 אף yea, H6817 יצעק shall cry H413 אליו unto H3808 ולא him, yet can he not H6030 יענה answer, H6869 מצרתו him out of his trouble. H3808 לא nor H3467 יושׁיענו׃ save