Isaiah 45:20

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  20 H6908 הקבצו Assemble yourselves H935 ובאו and come; H5066 התנגשׁו draw near H3162 יחדו together, H6412 פליטי ye escaped H1471 הגוים of the nations: H3808 לא they have no knowledge H3045 ידעו they have no knowledge H5375 הנשׂאים that set up H853 את   H6086 עץ the wood H6459 פסלם of their graven image, H6419 ומתפללים and pray H413 אל unto H410 אל a god H3808 לא cannot H3467 יושׁיע׃ save.