Isaiah 44:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H2796 חרשׁ   H1270 ברזל   H4621 מעצד with the tongs H6466 ופעל both worketh H6352 בפחם in the coals, H4717 ובמקבות it with hammers, H3335 יצרהו and fashioneth H6466 ויפעלהו and worketh H2220 בזרוע of his arms: H3581 כחו it with the strength H1571 גם yea, H7456 רעב he is hungry, H369 ואין faileth: H3581 כח and his strength H3808 לא no H8354 שׁתה he drinketh H4325 מים water, H3286 וייעף׃ and is faint.