Isaiah 32:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H3588 כי For H5036 נבל the vile person H5039 נבלה villainy, H1696 ידבר will speak H3820 ולבו and his heart H6213 יעשׂה will work H205 און iniquity, H6213 לעשׂות to practice H2612 חנף hypocrisy, H1696 ולדבר and to utter H413 אל against H3069 יהוה   H8442 תועה error H7324 להריק to make empty H5315 נפשׁ the soul H7457 רעב of the hungry, H4945 ומשׁקה and he will cause the drink H6771 צמא of the thirsty H2637 יחסיר׃ to fail.