Isaiah 31:3

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H4714 ומצרים Now the Egyptians H120 אדם men, H3808 ולא and not H410 אל God; H5483 וסוסיהם and their horses H1320 בשׂר flesh, H3808 ולא and not H7307 רוח spirit. H3068 ויהוה When the LORD H5186 יטה shall stretch out H3027 ידו his hand, H3782 וכשׁל shall fall, H5826 עוזר both he that helpeth H5307 ונפל shall fall down, H5826 עזר and he that is helped H3162 ויחדו together. H3605 כלם and they all H3615 יכליון׃ shall fail