Isaiah 30:14

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  14 H7665 ושׁברה And he shall break H7667 כשׁבר it as the breaking H5035 נבל vessel H3335 יוצרים of the potter's H3807 כתות that is broken in pieces; H3808 לא he shall not H2550 יחמל spare: H3808 ולא so that there shall not H4672 ימצא be found H4386 במכתתו in the bursting H2789 חרשׂ of it a shard H2846 לחתות to take H784 אשׁ fire H3344 מיקוד from the hearth, H2834 ולחשׂף or to take H4325 מים water H1360 מגבא׃ out of the pit.