Isaiah 27:11

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  11 H3001 ביבשׁ thereof are withered, H7105 קצירה When the boughs H7665 תשׁברנה they shall be broken off: H802 נשׁים the women H935 באות come, H215 מאירות   H853 אותה   H3588 כי for H3808 לא of no H5971 עם it a people H998 בינות understanding: H1931 הוא he H5921 על therefore H3651 כן therefore H3808 לא them will not H7355 ירחמנו have mercy H6213 עשׂהו that made H3335 ויצרו on them, and he that formed H3808 לא them will show them no favor. H2603 יחננו׃ them will show them no favor.