Habakkuk 2:6

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  6 H3808 הלוא Shall not H428 אלה these H3605 כלם all H5921 עליו against H4912 משׁל a parable H5375 ישׂאו take up H4426 ומליצה him, and a taunting H2420 חידות proverb H559 לו ויאמר against him, and say, H1945 הוי Woe H7235 המרבה to him that increaseth H3808 לא not H5704 לו עד   H4970 מתי   H3513 ומכביד and to him that ladeth H5921 עליו and to him that ladeth H5671 עבטיט׃ himself with thick clay!