Habakkuk 1:8

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  8 H7043 וקלו also are swifter H5246 מנמרים than the leopards, H5483 סוסיו Their horses H2300 וחדו and are more fierce H2061 מזאבי wolves: H6153 ערב than the evening H6335 ופשׁו shall spread H6571 פרשׁיו and their horsemen H6571 ופרשׁיו themselves, and their horsemen H7350 מרחוק from far; H935 יבאו shall come H5774 יעפו they shall fly H5404 כנשׁר as the eagle H2363 חשׁ hasteth H398 לאכול׃ to eat.