Genesis 45:1

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H3808 ולא not H3201 יכל could H3130 יוסף Then Joseph H662 להתאפק refrain himself H3605 לכל before all H5324 הנצבים them that stood H5921 עליו by H7121 ויקרא him; and he cried, H3318 הוציאו to go out H3605 כל Cause every H376 אישׁ man H5921 מעלי from H3808 ולא no H5975 עמד me. And there stood H376 אישׁ man H854 אתו with H3045 בהתודע made himself known H3130 יוסף him, while Joseph H413 אל unto H251 אחיו׃ his brethren.