Genesis 43:32

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  32 H7760 וישׂימו And they set on H905 לו לבדו for him by himself, H905 ולהם לבדם and for them by themselves, H4713 ולמצרים and for the Egyptians, H398 האכלים which did eat H854 אתו with H905 לבדם him, by themselves: H3588 כי because H3808 לא not H3201 יוכלון might H4713 המצרים the Egyptians H398 לאכל eat H853 את   H5680 העברים the Hebrews; H3899 לחם bread H3588 כי for H8441 תועבה an abomination H1931 הוא that H4713 למצרים׃