Genesis 38:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H3045 וידע knew H209 אונן And Onan H3588 כי that H3808 לא should not H1961 לו יהיה be H2233 הזרע the seed H1961 והיה his; and it came to pass, H518 אם when H935 בא he went in H413 אל unto H802 אשׁת wife, H251 אחיו his brother's H7843 ושׁחת that he spilled H776 ארצה on the ground, H1115 לבלתי lest H5414 נתן that he should give H2233 זרע seed H251 לאחיו׃ to his brother.