Genesis 38:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H7235 וירבו   H3117 הימים   H4191 ותמת died; H1323 בת the daughter H7770 שׁוע of Shuah H802 אשׁת wife H3063 יהודה Judah's H5162 וינחם was comforted, H3063 יהודה and Judah H5927 ויעל and went up H5921 על unto H1494 גזזי his sheepshearers H6629 צאנו his sheepshearers H1931 הוא he H2437 וחירה Hirah H7453 רעהו and his friend H5726 העדלמי the Adullamite. H8553 תמנתה׃ to Timnath,