Genesis 34:25

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  25 H1961 ויהי And it came to pass H3117 ביום day, H7992 השׁלישׁי on the third H1961 בהיותם when they were H3510 כאבים sore, H3947 ויקחו took H8147 שׁני that two H1121 בני of the sons H3290 יעקב of Jacob, H8095 שׁמעון Simeon H3878 ולוי and Levi, H251 אחי brethren, H1783 דינה Dinah's H376 אישׁ each man H2719 חרבו his sword, H935 ויבאו and came H5921 על upon H5892 העיר the city H983 בטח boldly, H2026 ויהרגו and slew H3605 כל all H2145 זכר׃ the males.