Genesis 27:42

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  42 H5046 ויגד were told H7259 לרבקה to Rebekah: H853 את   H1697 דברי And these words H6215 עשׂו of Esau H1121 בנה son H1419 הגדל her elder H7971 ותשׁלח and she sent H7121 ותקרא and called H3290 ליעקב Jacob H1121 בנה son, H6996 הקטן her younger H559 ותאמר and said H413 אליו unto H2009 הנה him, Behold, H6215 עשׂו Esau, H251 אחיך thy brother H5162 מתנחם as touching thee, doth comfort himself, H2026 לך להרגך׃ to kill