Genesis 21:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H1980 ותלך And she went, H3427 ותשׁב and sat her down H5048 לה מנגד over against H7368 הרחק a good way off, H2909 כמטחוי as it were a bowshot: H7198 קשׁת as it were a bowshot: H3588 כי for H559 אמרה she said, H408 אל Let me not H7200 אראה see H4194 במות the death H3206 הילד of the child. H3427 ותשׁב And she sat H5048 מנגד over against H5375 ותשׂא and lifted up H853 את   H6963 קלה her voice, H1058 ותבך׃ and wept.