Genesis 19:9

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  9 H559 ויאמרו And they said, H5066 גשׁ Stand H1973 הלאה back. H559 ויאמרו And they said H259 האחד This one H935 בא came in H1481 לגור to sojourn, H8199 וישׁפט and he will needs be a judge: H8199 שׁפוט and he will needs be a judge: H6258 עתה now H7489 נרע will we deal worse H1992 לך מהם   H6484 ויפצרו with them. And they pressed H582 באישׁ   H3876 בלוט Lot, H3966 מאד sore H5066 ויגשׁו and came near H7665 לשׁבר to break H1817 הדלת׃ the door.
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