Genesis 17:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H1121 ובן old H8083 שׁמנת And he that is eight H3117 ימים days H4135 ימול shall be circumcised H3605 לכם כל among you, every H2145 זכר man child H1755 לדרתיכם in your generations, H3211 יליד he that is born H1004 בית in the house, H4736 ומקנת or bought H3701 כסף with money H3605 מכל of any H1121 בן stranger, H5236 נכר stranger, H834 אשׁר which H3808 לא not H2233 מזרעך of thy seed. H1931 הוא׃