Ezra 9:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H3588 כי For H5375 נשׂאו they have taken H1323 מבנתיהם of their daughters H1992 להם   H1121 ולבניהם for themselves, and for their sons: H6148 והתערבו have mingled themselves H2233 זרע seed H6944 הקדשׁ so that the holy H5971 בעמי with the people H776 הארצות of lands: H3027 ויד yea, the hand H8269 השׂרים of the princes H5461 והסגנים and rulers H1961 היתה hath been H4604 במעל trespass. H2088 הזה in this H7223 ראשׁונה׃ chief