Ezra 5:5

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  5 H5870 ועין But the eye H426 אלההם of their God H1934 הות was H5922 על upon H7868 שׂבי the elders H3062 יהודיא of the Jews, H3809 ולא that they could not H989 בטלו to cease, H1994 המו cause them H5705 עד till H2941 טעמא the matter H1868 לדריושׁ to Darius: H1946 יהך came H116 ואדין and then H8421 יתיבון they returned answer H5407 נשׁתונא by letter H5922 על concerning H1836 דנה׃ this