Ezra 5:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H116 אדין Then H8340 שׁשׁבצר Sheshbazzar, H1791 דך the same H858 אתא came H3052 יהב laid H787 אשׁיא the foundation H1768 די of H1005 בית the house H426 אלהא of God H1768 די which H3390 בירושׁלם in Jerusalem: H4481 ומן and since H116 אדין that time H5705 ועד even until H3705 כען now H1124 מתבנא hath it been in building, H3809 ולא and it is not H8000 שׁלם׃ finished.