Ezekiel 8:2

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  2 H7200 ואראה Then I beheld, H2009 והנה and lo H1823 דמות a likeness H4758 כמראה as the appearance H784 אשׁ of fire: H4758 ממראה from the appearance H4975 מתניו of his loins H4295 ולמטה even downward, H784 אשׁ fire; H4975 וממתניו and from his loins H4605 ולמעלה even upward, H4758 כמראה as the appearance H2096 זהר of brightness, H5869 כעין as the color H2830 החשׁמלה׃ of amber.