Ezekiel 46:17

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  17 H3588 וכי But if H5414 יתן he give H4979 מתנה a gift H5159 מנחלתו of his inheritance H259 לאחד to one H5650 מעבדיו of his servants, H1961 והיתה then it shall be H5704 לו עד his to H8141 שׁנת the year H1865 הדרור of liberty; H7725 ושׁבת after it shall return H5387 לנשׂיא to the prince: H389 אך but H5159 נחלתו his inheritance H1121 בניו his sons' H1992 להם   H1961 תהיה׃ shall be