Ezekiel 3:27

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  27 H1696 ובדברי But when I speak H854 אותך with H6605 אפתח thee, I will open H853 את   H6310 פיך thy mouth, H559 ואמרת and thou shalt say H413 אליהם unto H3541 כה them, Thus H559 אמר saith H136 אדני the Lord H3068 יהוה   H8085 השׁמע He that heareth, H8085 ישׁמע let him hear; H2310 והחדל and he that forbeareth, H2308 יחדל let him forbear: H3588 כי for H1004 בית house. H4805 מרי a rebellious H1992 המה׃ they