Ezekiel 32:30

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  30 H8033 שׁמה There H5257 נסיכי the princes H6828 צפון of the north, H3605 כלם all H3605 וכל of them, and all H6722 צדני the Zidonians, H834 אשׁר which H3381 ירדו are gone down H854 את with H2491 חללים the slain; H2851 בחתיתם with their terror H1369 מגבורתם of their might; H954 בושׁים they are ashamed H7901 וישׁכבו and they lie H6189 ערלים uncircumcised H854 את with H2491 חללי slain H2719 חרב by the sword, H5375 וישׂאו and bear H3639 כלמתם their shame H854 את with H3381 יורדי them that go down H953 בור׃ to the pit.