Ezekiel 31:3-10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  3 H2009 הנה Behold, H804 אשׁור the Assyrian H730 ארז a cedar H3844 בלבנון in Lebanon H3303 יפה with fair H6057 ענף branches, H2793 וחרשׁ shroud, H6751 מצל and with a shadowing H1362 וגבה and of a high H6967 קומה stature; H996 ובין among H5688 עבתים the thick boughs. H1961 היתה was H6788 צמרתו׃ and his top
  4 H4325 מים The waters H1431 גדלוהו made him great, H8415 תהום the deep H7311 רממתהו set him up on high H854 את with H5104 נהרתיה her rivers H1980 הלך running H5439 סביבות round about H4302 מטעה his plants, H853 ואת   H8585 תעלתיה her little rivers H7971 שׁלחה and sent out H413 אל unto H3605 כל all H6086 עצי the trees H7704 השׂדה׃ of the field.
  5 H5921 על   H3651 כן   H1361 גבהא was exalted H6967 קמתו his height H3605 מכל above all H6086 עצי the trees H7704 השׂדה of the field, H7235 ותרבינה were multiplied, H5634 סרעפתיו and his boughs H748 ותארכנה became long H6288 פארתו and his branches H4325 ממים of waters, H7227 רבים because of the multitude H7971 בשׁלחו׃ when he shot forth.
  6 H5589 בסעפתיו in his boughs, H7077 קננו made their nests H3605 כל All H5775 עוף the fowls H8064 השׁמים of heaven H8478 ותחת and under H6288 פארתיו his branches H3205 ילדו bring forth their young, H3605 כל did all H2416 חית the beasts H7704 השׂדה of the field H6738 ובצלו and under his shadow H3427 ישׁבו dwelt H3605 כל all H1471 גוים nations. H7227 רבים׃ great
  7 H3302 וייף Thus was he fair H1433 בגדלו in his greatness, H753 בארך in the length H1808 דליותיו of his branches: H3588 כי for H1961 היה was H8328 שׁרשׁו his root H413 אל by H4325 מים waters. H7227 רבים׃ great
  8 H730 ארזים The cedars H3808 לא could not H6004 עממהו hide H1588 בגן in the garden H430 אלהים of God H1265 ברושׁים him: the fir trees H3808 לא not H1819 דמו were not like H413 אל unto H5589 סעפתיו his boughs, H6196 וערמנים and the chestnut trees H3808 לא nor H1961 היו were H6288 כפארתיו like his branches; H3605 כל any H6086 עץ tree H1588 בגן in the garden H430 אלהים of God H3808 לא   H1819 דמה was like H413 אליו   H3308 ביפיו׃ him in his beauty.
  9 H3303 יפה him fair H6213 עשׂיתיו I have made H7230 ברב by the multitude H1808 דליותיו of his branches: H7065 ויקנאהו envied H3605 כל so that all H6086 עצי the trees H5731 עדן of Eden, H834 אשׁר that H1588 בגן in the garden H430 האלהים׃ of God,
  10 H3651 לכן Therefore H3541 כה thus H559 אמר saith H136 אדני the Lord H3069 יהוה GOD; H3282 יען   H834 אשׁר   H1361 גבהת thou hast lifted up H6967 בקומה thyself in height, H5414 ויתן and he hath shot up H6788 צמרתו his top H413 אל among H996 בין among H5688 עבותים the thick boughs, H7311 ורם is lifted up H3824 לבבו and his heart H1363 בגבהו׃ in his height;