Ezekiel 28:16

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  16 H7230 ברב By the multitude H7404 רכלתך of thy merchandise H4390 מלו they have filled H8432 תוכך the midst H2555 חמס of thee with violence, H2398 ותחטא and thou hast sinned: H2490 ואחללך therefore I will cast thee as profane H2022 מהר out of the mountain H430 אלהים of God: H6 ואבדך and I will destroy H3742 כרוב cherub, H5526 הסכך thee, O covering H8432 מתוך from the midst H68 אבני of the stones H784 אשׁ׃ of fire.