Ezekiel 26:12

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  12 H7997 ושׁללו And they shall make a spoil H2428 חילך of thy riches, H962 ובזזו and make a prey H7404 רכלתך of thy merchandise: H2040 והרסו and they shall break down H2346 חומותיך thy walls, H1004 ובתי houses: H2532 חמדתך thy pleasant H5422 יתצו and destroy H68 ואבניך thy stones H6086 ועציך and thy timber H6083 ועפרך and thy dust H8432 בתוך in the midst H4325 מים of the water. H7760 ישׂימו׃ and they shall lay