Ezekiel 21:14

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  14 H859 ואתה Thou H1121 בן therefore, son H120 אדם of man, H5012 הנבא prophesy, H5221 והך and smite hands together, H3709 כף   H413 אל   H3709 כף   H3717 ותכפל be doubled H2719 חרב and let the sword H7992 שׁלישׁתה the third time, H2719 חרב the sword H2491 חללים of the slain: H1931 היא it H2719 חרב the sword H2491 חלל slain, H1419 הגדול of the great H2314 החדרת׃ which entereth into their privy chambers.