Ezekiel 1:24

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  24 H8085 ואשׁמע I heard H853 את   H6963 קול the noise H3671 כנפיהם of their wings, H6963 כקול like the noise H4325 מים waters, H7227 רבים of great H6963 כקול as the voice H7706 שׁדי of the Almighty, H1980 בלכתם And when they went, H6963 קול the voice H1999 המלה of speech, H6963 כקול as the noise H4264 מחנה of a host: H5975 בעמדם when they stood, H7503 תרפינה they let down H3671 כנפיהן׃ their wings.