Ezekiel 1:13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  13 H1823 ודמות As for the likeness H2416 החיות of the living creatures, H4758 מראיהם their appearance H1513 כגחלי coals H784 אשׁ of fire, H1197 בערות like burning H4758 כמראה like the appearance H3940 הלפדים of lamps: H1931 היא it H1980 מתהלכת went up and down H996 בין among H2416 החיות the living creatures; H5051 ונגה was bright, H784 לאשׁ and the fire H4480 ומן and out of H784 האשׁ the fire H3318 יוצא went forth H1300 ברק׃ lightning.