Ezekiel 1:10

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H1823 ודמות As for the likeness H6440 פניהם of their faces, H6440 פני had the face H120 אדם of a man, H6440 ופני and the face H738 אריה of a lion, H413 אל on H3225 הימין the right side: H702 לארבעתם they four H6440 ופני had the face H7794 שׁור of an ox H8040 מהשׂמאול on the left side; H702 לארבעתן and they four H6440 ופני also had the face H5404 נשׁר of an eagle. H702 לארבעתן׃ they four